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I cannot recommend Roots to Rise highly enough. The reason Roots to Rise means so much is the way they went above and beyond simply providing a service to a whole new level. Shortly after my cancer diagnosis after the birth of my second child, I was told that I would certainly lose my hair and that this was unavoidable. Janine held my hand through that entire process - initially by planning how to manage the impending hair loss by gradually shortening my hair. It’s difficult to express how much it meant to me when Janine told me to contact her whenever the dreaded day came and I woke up to find some or all of my hair on the pillow. She promised to see me immediately to shave it all off and she was true to her word when I made that call. She went on to help me with the management and styling of the wigs I chose to wear when I was hairless to the final, long-awaited regrowth and the journey back to my hair extensions. She was always positive and supportive and never once made me feel embarrassed or awkward. She gave me ideas for short hairstyles and suggestions for a manageable programme as my hair got longer. I know for sure that I am not the only one to have benefitted from Janine’s experience and but most of all from her kindness, care and support. I recommend her and her business completely and wholeheartedly. When times are tough, there’s nobody I would rather have by my side.

Beverly Walton

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