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We are dedicated to empowering individuals who rely on wigs for medical or personal reasons. Our mission is to ensure support and treatment is accessible to all.


Your donations, no matter how small, make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals on their hair hoss journey. Together, we can continue to support, uplift, and empower those who rely on wigs as an essential part of their daily confidence and wellbeing.

If you would like to donate more to Roots to Rise CIC, please get in touch.

Monthly Donation

A monthly donation really helps us to continue to offer life-changing support for people suffering from hair loss, now and into the future.

One-Time Donation

A single donation can allow us to provide support and treatment to somebody with hair loss, right now.

The Primrose Foundation

Roots to Rise are proud to be affiliated with

The Primrose Foundation.

If you would like to support their work, you can donate below.

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